Courtney Colgan earned her BFA in Painting with a minor in Art History from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY in 2010. Since then Colgan has held numerous positions in the art world. From working in New York City galleries to Fine Art Services Colgan has perservered as both an artist and arts professional.

Orginally from New Jersey Courtney Colgan grew up balancing life between the Jersey Shore and New York City. The two places being so close yet so different brought contrasting views and energy to her daily landscape. Influenced by the abstract expressionist and colorfield painters Colgan explores the subconscious desire to return to the horizon line through painting. Colgan primarily uses a limited palette, thick paint and a palette knife to carve out the landscape.

In 2015 Colgan moved to Los Angeles, California where she currently lives and works. Her work has been exhibited in Shockbox Gallery, Phelham Center for the Arts, and most recently the Ely Center for Contemporary Art. Colgan continues her exploration of balance through the landscape, yoga, and spending time with her dog Murphy.